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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lemos :: Bass Culture

Lemos :: Bass Culture

Greek producer Lemos, (aka George Laimos) first came to prominence through the release of his brilliantly funky and catchy 2007 production 'Blow It', a track which was caned by every top techno jock from Magda to Ricardo Villalobos. Since the success of the record, he's been in high demand as a producer, so much so that he's been drafted in to release the Kalooo EP, the first release from Parisian D'julz's 'Bass Culture' label. The label itself is the eventual result of Paris' infamous Rex Club, or more specifically D'julz's 'Bass Culture' parties which have acquired the enviable title of the cities oldest residency. The labels plan is to "transfer the excitement, depth and variety of music from the parties to the wax." Judging by the labels first release, they're doing a stellar job at it too.

Opening track 'Kalooo' is a swinging piece of old school inspired techno, which recaptures the fun of previous Lemos productions, be it the aforementioned 'Blow It' or the very worth checking-out 'Drama.' Lemos' penchant for experimenting with different sounds certainly seems to be paying dividends. The inevitable remix arrives courtesy of Frenchman turned Londener Arnaud Le Texier. He's brought the original to slightly tougher territories here, and if the original hasn't got you on the dance floor, chances are Le Texier's impressive stab at the track should do the trick.

The package is duly wrapped up by the brilliantly titled 'Moshi Moshi' and again, it doesn't disappoint. Though not as memorable as some of his other efforts, it seems Lemos is keen to prove he's no one trick pony who relies solely on clever samples. All in all, an impressive start to label life for the 'Bass Culture' crew.