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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Delano Smith :: Midnite ep

Delano Smith - Midnite ep
The Midnite ep is the follow up ep to Delano Smith?s Sunrise ep on Third Ear Recordings, released at the end of 2008. The Sunrise ep was one of the underground House records of 2009, and the Midnite ep is set to be one of the underground House records of 2010. Both Delano and us think the Midnite ep is better than Sunrise.

After the Sunrise ep, we decided to do it again and maintain the theme and name the next ep after a moment, a feeling within the dance floor experience. We decided on Midnite. Once again we have selected four tracks from a selection that Delano sent us. You can play these tracks at any time of the day or night, and we encourage you to experiment in this way. However, dropping any of these tracks at midnite will ensure that you, your dance floor and all the people in the room will be set up for The Journey.