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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Culoe De Song :: The Fallen Siren

Culoe De Song  ::  The Fallen Siren

Culoe De Song's second 12-inch starts where his previous one left off: The Fallen Shire is an EP of two tracks that are self-consciously epic afro house, building slowly to satisfying pay-offs. The elements are the same—one-note piano solos that gather import the longer they're plunked, congas that build strength the longer they're drummed, synthetic strings that sound more valorous the longer they see-saw in the background on the same few chords—but the formula works just as well as it did a few months ago.

That's because Culoe twists these elements in a beautiful way. While you know you've felt these songs before, it's clear that he's not exactly copying anyone either. They work in the same way that a lot of great art does—revealing something that you always thought existed...but hadn't quite been put into words yet. It's the work of a young producer, sure. But his naivete is endearing. (How else can you take a guy who calls a track "Bright Forest" and explains it with a story that ends "maybe…the music itself…would light up the [forest].") You get the sense that in both "The Fallen Siren" and "Inspiration" that Culoe is feeling some emotions for the first time, first love, first heartbreak, first everything. For those who haven't experienced it in a while, it's a pleasure to hear again.