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Monday, May 18, 2009

Prins Thomas :: Mammut

Prins Thomas :: Mammut

Prins Thomas has been off the radar for a while as far as original solo productions go. He's never far from our memories, of course, when it comes to remixes. Or collaborations for that matter (jamming with Lindstrøm, helping Blackbelt Andersen put together his album). So it comes as no small thing when the man emerges with new(ish) work for his Full Pupp imprint.

I say ish because at least one track here bears the name of another man: "Fitzpatrick" takes elements—or only elements, I can't tell which—of one of the many jigsaw puzzle pieces of Ricardo Villalobos' Fabric mix. Thomas predictably smooths out the drum track, paring down the minimal to its bare essentials (and they're not all that bare even then, what with the constant drum fills). The focus, as it is with all of Thomas' work is on the work that loops do over time, rather than in the short-term. Like Villalobos, Thomas works with minimalism to weave spells in his productions, making you forget where you are, why you're there and even who you are. (Until somehow a tribal vocal loop has taken over completely and things just stop altogether.)

"Mammut" and "Remiksosaurus" operate in that same vein, moving slowly but surely along their lines until Thomas' has run each through its paces. Interestingly, they're nothing like his mixes, which seem to be all-over-the-place affairs that often value populism over subtle groove-based journeys into space. That Thomas has carved out places at both ends of the spectrum, though, simply proves what a rare talent he is.