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Friday, April 3, 2009

DJ Jazzy Jeff Presents :: My Fav's Cover Vol 1

DJ Jazzy Jeff Presents :: My Fav's Cover

Now, we have a real treat here! I have been a longtime friend of Jazzy Jeff, and an even longer time fan. Seeing him rock block parties and high school dances with Will. Anyhow, I never knew he was a cool 'nerd' like me when it comes to software and gadgets.

Jeff as a producer is crazy with it. He has that ear. He was an avid Logic Audio user, but lately, he has crossed over to the dj friendly Ableton Live. I asked Jeff what he used to make this amazing album, My Fav's, and he said, "All I used was Ableton. You know Im a hardcore Logic user, but im officially now converted. There's nothing I CAN'T do in Ableton."

So enjoy the album. Play it, live it, love it!

King Britt

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