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Monday, April 6, 2009

Ahmet Sisman :: Esraj EP

Ahmet Sisman :: Esraj  EP
Between Istanbul and Essen, Ahmet Sisman is moving through different worlds. Influenced by the mystique music of the Sufi-Culture, his sound has always something dark and powerful. Combining traditional elements in a unique and post-modern way; Ahmet has created his own style very quickly and it was just a matter of time that he gets his first appearances on several labels. The “multiculti” guy has made his debut on the French/Belgian Label Lessizmore beginning 2008 and finally after the Stock5 Release in June 2008 he got the attention of the big names in this scene. Like Sven Väth who played at this Summer his track “Buiya” on Cocoon Amnesia the whole season and finally licensed the African influenced tribal track for his next Mix Session “The Ninth Season”. So this is just the beginning and the upcoming releases are already planned on Lessizmore and Stock5. But more than this, the first steps of creating an own label with his friend Tim Querengaesser aka Pherox becomes reality and beginning 2009 “Slash” will be another focus for his sound.