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Friday, March 13, 2009

Vlad Caia :: Al Doilea Remixed

Vlad Caia :: Al Doilea Remixed

Vlad Caia serves up dope groovy deepness featuring blazing remixes !

produced and mixed by Vlad Caia

remixes by Agent Matteo, Andrew Chibale, Audio Noir, Mastercris, Logic Fusion Orkestra, Atos Locos, Yohan Esprada

info and licensing:

::essential feedback::

Top tune ! Agent Matteo & Andrew Chibale are my favs but diggin also the groove from yohan's remix. A cracker all the way ! 4/5
U-Ness (Belgium)
Affiliates: Soulheat / Hed Kandi

Listen free music track by Vlad Caia- Al Doilea - audio noir disco odyssey mix