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Friday, March 20, 2009

Various Artists :: ModeTwo

Various Artists  :: ModeTwo

MOODGADGET was founded in 2004 by Jakub Alexander and Adam E. Hunt with the goal of exposing the diversity in electronically made music. Alexander and Hunt (who currently reside in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, respectively) became heavily involved in the electronic music scene through their work with the acclaimed Ghostly International label, and were frustrated by the public's misconception that all electronic music was "club" music. They wanted to draw attention to the fact that electronic music is a process, not a genre; within its broad walls lives a plethora of sounds–everything from catchy folk to melodic techno.

At the time of the label's foundation, the music industry was on the cusp of a digital revolution; with MySpace and the iTunes Music Store firing the starting pistols. Moodgadget seized a hold of these burgeoning technologies in order to bring their message of musical diversity to fruition. They released their breakthrough compilation, The Rorschach Suite digitally in the Summer of 2006; featuring 20 unique songs [many discovered on MySpace] at the bargain price of $9.99. The venture proved immensely successful, garnering immediate critical acclaim and fan appreciation. They've since gone on to release three consecutive top 30 compilations through iTunes; while receiving features in XLR8R, Lost at Sea and Textura.

Moodgadget has used BitTorrent–a controversial technology to distribute their artists' music; knowledgeable of the fact that in this rapidly evolving industry, music is increasingly becoming a promotional tool for touring, merchandising and licensing. In 2008, Moodgadget artists completed their first North American tour to many excited audiences [with some in the blogosphere saying it bested Girl Talk's concurrent tour]. The label also launched their first line of merchandise, and licensed music to retail heavyweights Prada and LG. Moodgadget hopes to expand their message of diversity into other forms of art and entertainment in 2009, including film and video games.

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