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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

VA :: When Bad People Cook Good Food

VA ::  When Bad People Cook Good Food
It was Roy Ayers who said, “Bad is about as good as it gets!” “When Bad People Cook Good Food” is the first collection to cover the three year history of Chicago’s Fresh Meat Records ? including tracks from many of the label’s cast of bad characters. Key artists represented here include Audio Soul Project, Nathan Drew Larsen, Tuomas Salmela of Phonogenic, Phonique, King Roc, Will Saul & Tam Cooper, House of Black Dress, Worthy, Dan Berkson, Kyle Szmurlo, Wasted Chicago Youth, and Peace Division. “When Bad People Cook Good Food” is not a greatest hits; fans and new listeners alike will appreciate that eight of the songs on this release are exclusive, including unreleased tracks, fresh album only edits and a hot as hell new remix of the House of Black Dress classic “Gotahavejor Love” by Wasted Chicago Youth (Mazi & Justin Long). As a special bonus, this release comes alongside a sublime live DJ mix by Mazi under his Audio Soul Project guise featuring 13 of the songs in the collection. “Deep Trip” by Sandrino & Adryan, Fresh Meat?s newest signing, starts the mix and sets the stage for an album that elegantly blurs the boundaries between contemporary and classic house music.
The compilation is teaming with vibrant remixes, the crown jewels being what are arguably the best reworks by German outfit Phonique and Chicago to London transplant Dan Berkson. Vocal tunes by Audio Soul Project, Badmouth, and Mazi & Duriez give this record what so many contemporary tech house collections are missing. There are also two revisited gems from the vault. Nathan Drew Larsen?s “Mirari” and Audio Soul Project’s “Room With No Windows” both have been reinvented exclusively for this compilation. King Roc’s pastoral deep house remix of “Touch Me?, a colorfully epic rendition of Nathan Drew Larsen’s sexy original, ends the DJ mix version of this compilation. As promised some months ago, the unmixed version of this album contains the original version of Larsen’s “New Day In A New Home” complete with it’s glorious Prophet-8 infused intro - more honest electronic dance music from an artist with no boundaries. Enjoy this Fresh Meat as delivered by some of the baddest characters around!

List Of Tracks:
01 … Sandrino and Adryan - Deep Trip 8:14
02 … Wow and Flutter - Tape Replay (Will Saul and Tam 7:15
… Cooper Remix)
03 … Phonogenic - Woah! (WBPCGF Edit) 6:44
04 … House Of Black Dress - Gotahavejor Live (Wasted 8:56
… Chicago Youth Remix)
05 … Mazi and Duriez - This Is Not A Follow-Up (Peace 6:43
… Division T5 Mix)
06 … Audio Soul Project - Tied To You (Dan Berkson Dubby 8:08
… Version)
07 … Nathan Drew Larsen - Mirari (Echo Mix) 8:53
08 … Badmouth - Anymore (Phonique Dub WBPCGF Edit) 7:18
09 … Kyle Szmurlo - Pancakes (Worthy’s Flap Jackin’ 6:51
… Remix)
10 … House Of Black Dress - I Wasn’t Always This Way 7:06
… (Jak Mix)
11 … Wasted Chicago Youth - Meditate On The Soda (Diet 6:57
… Mix)
12 … Audio Soul Project - Room With No Windows 8:27
… (Revisted)
13 … Nathan Drew Larsen - Touch Me (King Roc Remix) 11:02
14 … Nathan Drew Larsen - New Day In A New Home 7:35

Listen free music track by Wow and Flutter -Tape Replay (will saul and tam cooper remix)