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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reggie Dokes :: Let Me Go EP

Reggie Dokes Let Me Go EP
Offering Recordings Proudly Presents Let Me Go EP Produced by Reggie Dokes

Reggie Dokes is no stranger to the underground house and techno scene of Detroit. Being a fan of the music since he was 15 years old, he became one of those aspiring DJs mixing records in the basement of his parent's home.
Eventually he ventured out into the party scene of Detroit making a name for himself as a young DJ. Mixing everything from Chicago House to what was called Progressive Music back in the late 80's, Reggie Dokes earned the respect of his peers and soon became a sought after DJ for the burgeoning Black teenage Detroit party scene. Once completing highschool,
Reggie decided to leave the turntables alone and pursue a Bachelors degree from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon his return to Detroit in the 90's, his spirit and soul forgot about the house and techno scenes of Detroit until he ran into a friend in 1996, which created CyberSoul tqe.
This promotional party group held underground parties throughout the Detroit metropolitan area, eventually landing a guest residency in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This club called the Amsterdam was a popular night spot. It is at this club where Reggie Dokes met the innovator Mr. Derrick May.
May took Reggie under his wings as a DJ and exposed him to the professional world of DJing.
Once traveling to various venues around the country opening up for Derrick, he was hooked. After careful consideration, Reggie Dokes decided to leave the world of education as a teacher and pursue the music industry full time. After years of toiling and struggling as a DJ, he finally decided to venture into the world of music production.
The world of music production inspired him to create a record label called Psychostasia Recordings. This Detroit label was founded in 2001.

However, he has moved his music label and family to Atlanta. Fortunately, he has managed to capture a fan base that begins in certain parts of North America, graces certain countries in Europe and ends in Asia.

Now we’re in 2009 and Reggie Dokes is Blessing Offering with this EP Called Let Me Go.
A Deep, yet mental Project that was crafted by the man to enchant your souls. The song untitled Let Me Go features the amazing Athenai (Composer, Singer, Spoken Word Artist) who appears courtesy of Noir Eben Productions and the mystical Sage Monk. Let Me Go is taken to the Zulu Dimension with South Africa’s Next Big Thing Mr Culoe de Song who gave it his usual treatment that will guarantee a strong reaction from your listeners.
The EP ends up with the superb, Mello and deep Back 2 Afrika that truly reflects Reggie’s love for quality music.
In Other Words, Let Me Go”EP” is an other Offering Recordings Classic that will please you and yours for a long lasting time.


Produced and Composed by: Reggie Dokes
Written by: Athenai & Sage Monk
Arranged by; Reggie Dokes and Boddhi Satva
Additional Beats by: Boddhi Satva
Artwork by: Djoukaze
Executive Producer/A&R: Boddhi Satva

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Listen free music track by Reggie Dokes Let Me Go EP (Let Me Go ft. Athenai & Sage Monk (Culoe De Song Zulu Spirit Mix))