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Monday, February 23, 2009

Till Von Sein :: India In Ihr EP (Agnes Remix)

Till Von Sein :: India In Ihr EP (Agnes Remix)
Here’s the first ep in 2009 with a debut of Till Von Sein on Channels Records.
Big support from Claude Vonstroke, Mike Monday, Shur I Kan and Brothers Vibe to name a few. Two remixes come from Agnes and Martin Zadak Pure deep house music with a total modern twist. Awesome!!!

A1 is an amazing club track with housey samples and rythym. Very groovey modern deephouse shit! B1 made by the one and only house master Agnes is a beautiful deephouse track, hypnotizing from the start till the end. And the biggest hit on the EP B2 India In Ihr… here’s the feedback from Sasse from Moodmusic: “What the fuck.. ? This is most beautiful record i heard in ages..oh god, where does Till get these sounds from .. Real deep house from the finest! Agnes mix rocks too, niceeee ! Guys, I´m all goosebumps here, getting back to god ol days of x-ray records and the alike.. Pure inspiration!“
Till started producing in 2003. He’s style is a fusion of deephouse with modern house sounds. Having his roots in all kinds of Streetculture, in 2005 he teamed up with his old friend Aera(Goldwill), whom he knew from those days back in the nineties. They had their very first release together on Trenton Records in May 2006, which the next year was followed by yet another EP. Soon after that he released his first solo EP’s on Swiss Imprint Morris Audio and also did his first remixes for Mood Music and Dirt Crew Records. These tracks managed to create some buzz and got him a lot of attention and positive feedback in German magazines like De:Bug and Groove, as well as getting into the charts of many well known DJ’s. Since that he had a busy DJ-schedule playing in places like Chicago, Montreal, Rome, London, Moscow, Beirut and Paris.

Listen free music track by Till Von Sein, India In Ihr, (Agnes Remix)