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Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Support DFR

Thanks for stopping by and listening.

2 easy ways to support us:

Tell a friend about the site.

Click on a Google Advertisment.

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Finding music that makes us better people, is hard. There are thousands of tracks to search through and listen. This takes time and money.

If you like what you see and listen, support us simply by clicking an advertisment you find interesting.

It's That easy. Just click a sponsor. No paypal donations or credit cards needed.

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Why should you Support DFR
It takes a lot of time, to pick the best tracks because there are thousands of new releases every day. Filtering the best tracks takes time. Also, cause we need to store the tracks some where on the net, we need to pay for hosting services (Basically a place to store the tracks).

Is it Safe To click on Advertisements?
Google is our advertisements provider, which makes the whole thing secure. They carefully test companies they advertise.

So go ahead click an ad.

Thanks in advance
The DFR team