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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hideo Kobayashi :: The Tokyo Session :: Space Lab Remix

At age 4, began playing classical Piano and by reaching age 10, Hideo discovered new form of music, techno pop, which inspired his musical talent. At age 15, He began recording tracks he composed with synthesizer , sequencer , rhythm machine and performing live at local clubs. He then joined production of club music and released his first techno sounding record in 1995. Going forward, he focused on production of electronic beats and sounds which inspired Tokyo club scenes. In 1999, he visited San Francisco where he was introduced to West Coast House music as well as being exposed to its club culture. He was intrigued by its House beats and began pursuing production of various House Music which include vocal house, deep house, and funky tech house. As a DJ, he has been playing at club events in Japan and Malaysia. In 2001, he released 5 singles from ING recording in Japan and PAMPLEMOUSSE PRODUCTIONS in France. In 2002, the single will be released from Naked Music Recordings and the first solo album from PAMPLEMOUSSE PRODUCTIONS , "easy to live" remix by DJ Rasoul, Charles Spencer, Maurisio Aviles, DJ MFR from ZEBRA Recordings in San Francisco, and a new single from Transport recordings in San Francisco , electric soul in UK , foreplay recordings in Belgium , ING recordings , Outergaze in Japan will be released.